Publications and Resources

Here you’ll find details of a selection of my publications.

Some of these publications reference my previous surname, which was ‘Quinn’. 

Unfortunately, as is the nature of much academic publishing, some of my work is behind paywalls. If you can see something here that you’d like to read, but can’t access, please contact me (via the contacts page) and I’ll send you a draft or a scan of the paper. 

Articles and Book Chapters

FORTHCOMING Loomes, G. (2019) “Help us make our own way: Talking to autistic women and girls about adolescence and sexuality” in B. Carpenter, F. Happe, and J. Edgerton (eds) Girls and Autism: Educational, Family, and Personal Perspectives Abingdon: Routledge

Loomes, G. (2018) Researching about us without us: Exploring research participation and disability rights in the context of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Journal of Medical Ethics 44 424-427

Loomes, G. (2017) It’s only words: A critical ‘insider’ perspective on the power of diagnosis in the construction of autistic social identity Good Autism Practice 18 (1) 20-24

Loomes, G. (2017) A socio-legal analysis of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, and its implications for participation in autism-related research in N. Martin and D. Milton (eds) Autism and Intellectual Disability in Adults (2)

Loomes, G. (2016) (ed) “Mental Capacity and Social Policy” York Policy Review 3

Essl Foundation. (2010) Situations of Persons with Disabilities: Implementation of the UN Convention in 15 countries and in nine Austrian federal provinces based on 40 social indicators Austria: Essl Foundation 

Quinn, G. (2009) An evaluation of the use of advocacy for an adult seeking a diagnostic assessment for autism Good Autism Practice 10 (1) 52-59

Quinn, G. (2007) “The United Kingdom” in International Disability Rights Monitor (2007) Regional Report of Europe Chicago: International Disability Network

Blogs and Other Resources

In 2017, I organised a symposium – “Nothing About Us Without Us” (#NAUWUYork), which built upon the Special Issue of York Policy Review (see above), to explore the legal, ethical, and methodological issues in involving people in research whose illness or disability means they lack the capacity to consent to participation. This website hosts talks and interviews from the symposium, along with blogs and other resources relating to the topic.

Loomes, G. Autistic Terror: On ‘Impact’ and its academic and everyday socio-political implications for researched communities [Blog] Participatory Autism Research Collective Available via Accessed 9th December 2018

Loomes, G. (2017) Flying under the Radar: Experiencing the Court of Protection Transparency Pilot as an Academic Researcher 22nd October, 2017 [Blog] Transparency Project Available at: Accessed 9th December 2018